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  During 1995, American public companies spent some $10 billion to develop and implement promotional and corporate identity programs. More than 90% of that amount was spent by Fortune 500 companies.

  How can smaller companies successfully compete in a media-driven marketplace while both effectively managing their growth and satisfying investor demand?

  At CPR, we understand that every big company was once a small one. We know that if you want to be recognized, you first have to be seen. That’s what we do.

  CPR not only can build your company its own identity, we can help you generate leads from qualified investors and brokers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our services are in demand from public companies – even when they have their own broker relations departments – and from small and medium IR and PR firms.

  At CPR, your success is our goal. Our award-winning writers, editors and graphic designers have carefully developed CPR’s programs to illicit the greatest response at the least cost. Through our programs, your company will experience increased investor awareness, increased trading activity and increased respect within the financial community.

CPR – The Vision To Power Your Image.
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